Few ads dont pay

I’m from India and I’m using brave for past 4 months.

Using brave in windows 10 and android mobile.

Few ads from Kucoin, 1Inch etc never pays rewards.

on few random days i only get only these ads and they dont pay😌…
Paying ads are coming only thrice (3 days)a week.

Something like that also happens with my android phone new tabs don’t give rewards they are not even counted as ads in my phone . News and notification give rewards without any problem
@steeven help please

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2 day bac, got 1inch ads --no rewards/payment
yesterday no ads --no rewards/payment
today(01/06/22), Kucoin ads --no rewards/payment

less Active Campaigns in India comparative but still no use of ads that dont pay…

Need help here please.

@Praveen_Kumar_D You will be rewarded only for Ads that belong to your region. You can check Ads in your region here- https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

I’m just curious what is you locale on brave://rewards-internals/ > Ad diagnostics?

Are you seeing same issue both in Windows & Android or just Android?

Hi @Aman_M,

Yes, the issue is in both Android and Windows, No ads yesterday in both and got less ads today.

attached snip for locale details.

There’s your issue. English-GB means you’re in Great Britain. If you’re in India, it should be English-IN (for for Locale, would be en-IN)

Reason you’d not be receiving BAT is because it’s serving you ads for one region but it’s seeing by your IP address and all that you’re actually in another. So it appears you’re bypassing regional ad restrictions. At the very least you won’t receive BAT because you’re not in the region the advertiser paid to have the ad delivered to. And if it continues, it is also one of the things that can get your account flagged.


Hi @Saoiray,

Please help me to change the Locale to en-IN in settings.

I had never used VPN or tried to bypass.

You’ll have to go to Language and Region settings on your device, then change. For Android, Language and Location are combined, so like if you choose English it then makes you choose country, such as India.
So Android = SettingsLanguageEnglish (India) (or it’s equivalent phrasing)

On Windows, you have 2 places to make sure. First is Language, other is Region. You want to make sure both of them show you in India. I forget if one is more important than the other. It’s just the information the browser and most apps will seek to determine where you’re located. So if that information doesn’t match with your IP address, there will be a conflict.

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@Saoiray Thank you for the details and the help…

Yep, did you get it switched up? If so, will look forward to hearing from you if you start earning BAT and continue seeing ads.

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@Praveen_Kumar_D For Windows, just Region format will do. Language you can set as per your convenience.

Soiray is absolutly right for Android. Although English (India) is not available as device language, Hindi will work all the time but it would be a huge compromise. Or you can choose a language that is close to India- English (UK) will work better than English (US). Also with Hindi as a device language, you can set Brave’s language as per your convenience (Engligh if you want) from inside Brave app.

Do post an update if it works.

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Why do you say that? It absolutely is an option on Android. Here’s me setting language to English - India on my Android…

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Oh! It’s not available for me though on Realme with Android 11. Mattches also metioned previously that it wasn’t available. May be some devices are getting it.

If you can, can you change your device language to English (India) to test if it changes locale in Rewards-internals. May be @Praveen_Kumar_D can check & try it too.

My default English (United States)

Switch to English (India)

Then it shows me in India

I learned about this last year when other people were having issues.

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Hi @Saoiray and @Aman_M

I was not facing any issue past two day, I’m getting more ads after the region change. The Locale setting is set to en-IN in both windows and android.

But, the Polkadot(New Tab Sponsored ads) didn’t pay anything in both device today past 12hrs, other notification ads are not problem.

Polkadot, 1Inch, Kucoin (New Tab Sponsored ads only) does this every time. I have Checked Brave Ads Catalog Viewer, it shows these ads are for IN region, I don’t understand why I’m getting ads that don’t pay.


@Praveen_Kumar_D en_IN will work all the time. There are frequency caps for Ads. For NTP Wallpaper Ads, you are rewarded for 4 in 1 hour & 20 in 24 hrs.

I’m just curious, do you also have English (India) as a language in Android?

@Aman_M , Yes English India for Android too.

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I have only these-

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