Fees associated with download

I’m loading Brave. I have already come across one fee associated with AD BLOCKER. Not a huge obstetrical but can expect other fees throughout this process? How much will I need to spend to load the program with all the features?

what fee and which ad blocker?

I needed to check a box for $XX or ignore and go to the next step. I can pick from $10-30, I think. If you pass, it goes to the next step… I don’t recall the creator of this app. I had it years ago with Firefox.
How many more of these steps involve a financial transfer? I was not expecting to pay for anything that came in the bundle.

sorry idk and hope one of the team help you

no worries, thanks for getting back.

are you using the right brave software? seems like a fake virus to me.

I pulled Pulled it from Brave.com. When loading, brave recommends the customer compensate AdBlock. Not sure but it may load regardless.

I saw this pitch on Firefox a few years ago. Im dealing with Brave not ad blocker. If they feel victimized they should bill Brave. Brave advertises adblock and makes no mention of fees.

You can show some screenshots? I haven’t heard of this going on the community.

You need to load the program. Its about 3 screens into the setup.

Feel free to repost. Follow the template and provide more information about your question/issue. Thanks.