Feedback thoughts for Brave Developers

I will layouts some of the shortcomings or feedback/user requirement here for fixing before the next release.

Brave builds reffered to are:

1)Sync feature is missing on the desktop version. There is no way to seemlessly sync bookmarks, setting, passwords on different devices of the user.

A unique identity should be assigned to the user on the blockchain either using an email or any other mechanism(eg:like firefox account). Using which the user may login into any number of devices without losing the data and sync everything on his/her devices seemlessly using his/her personal ledger on the blockchain.

2)BAT earned but not credited to wallet gets zeroed out after reinstall
E.g:Earned 14 BATs earned but pending credit to wallet on 06-05-2020 on a desktop which has a KYC verified wallet logged into. For some reason the user uninstalled the browser(eg:OS reinstall or repair) and reinstalled it. In such a scenario all 14 pending BATs gets zeroed out after setting up the browser. There is no record of such pending BATs available.

Lack of rewards data syncing with wallet is resulting in loss of such rewards.
Probable cause for such an issue is, the browser created a new persona on reinstall. If unique identifer was given or proper reward data syn had happened with wallet this issue wouldn’t arise.

3)Its is noted that there is no display of any kinds of Brave ads on Windows, even if it is set to display 5 ads/hr. The display counter for ads displayed during the month is beings show ‘zero’. This is only ‘noted on Windows OS’. Brave ads works perfectly well on Ubuntu and Android.

It needs to be more optimized for Windows or in using the PC resources.

4)No provision to “login into uphold wallet on Android.” Any BATs earned and credited is show as credited to ‘a wallet’ on Android. This ‘wallet’ acts like a counter rather than a wallet which has its on wallet address.

This will undoubtedly results in the loss of BATs so credited if the browser is uninstalled or when the user decides to switch to a new mobile device.

5)There is no way to identify a refferal made under the content creator refferal program. An email id or unique identifer as mentioned in “Point 1” is required, if any follow up is needed in case the refferal failed to complete the 30days due to any lack understanding or lack of help in figuring things out.

6)Incognito mode which prima facie acts a VPN due to it being “Tor-rified” fails to mask the IP as it should have.

7)The reward program could be revamped to share a tiny portion of the BATs, earned by the directly reffered, with the refferer.


Upvote for numbers 1), 2) and 3). The others don’t affect me yet.

Also, it would be good if there was a standard form where users could submit their problems with lost BAT. Where we could list the Wallet ID and/or multiple Persona IDs associated with a wallet.

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My suggestion is to let the user decide when to install the update(s). Several times while working, updates has caused the browser to lock using windows 10. I have to kill the tasks in order to finish whatever I am working on and then close the browser. I reopen the browser and go to settings to check for updates so that It doesn’t start updating again while I am on a website working. A simple notification there is an update gives the user time to agree to do it then or can be done at a later time.

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