Feedback, things that is annoying using brave


Hi, just made the trasition to start using brave as my primary web browser, but there are a few things I find very annoying related to how the tabs work.
Like the fact that you can not drop the tabs where ever you want when moving them around.

Allso it is very easy to accedently pull a tab away from the tab-bar and it opens a new window., but the even more annoying thing is that I have to make the new window smaller to be able to move it back to the tab-bar on the previous window.

Another thing is that there is an issue when moving a tab to a brave window on my secondary monitor it have to be refreshed to work. This is really annoying.

I made a small video to showcase the problems so there will be no missunderstandings.


Hi @Overthrill ,
I’m sorry for very late response.

Brave is in the migration process to the new architecture. And the new Brave fix many issues from the previous Brave (muon) which is on 0.25.x. Automatic upgrade for the current 0.25.x users is coming in weeks.

I suggest you to upgrade your Brave to the latest new version (0.56.x). You can install it manually from – run it in parallel and then import your browser data from the old Brave. And see if it get better.

Please note that this new version may have missing features. Many things still being worked on.



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