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Link: #16028 Calculate account statement from locally persisted state

Very good idea indeed. But there is a catch, The banner “Your X BAT payout will begin processing in Y days.” will show the BATs deposited/accumulated for all the Ads viewed but not necessarily reconciled/cashed-out (in v1.34.x and before it shows only reconciled amount).

Understood that “Current earnings this month (estimated)” will show Ads not-recoinciled (not cashed-out) of all time. But Payout will be lower than what is says in the banner.

Also errors like these (in Nightly)-

Can create large payout difference-
The above banner in Nightly says “Your +7.176 BAT January rewards will arrive in 7 days” but I know from the file database.sqlite that only ~5.5 BAT has been reconciled (Calculating it from the database.sqlite is just like adding few numbers), so my payout can’t be 7.176 BAT (the banner says “will arrive” instead of “will begin processing”).

So can we have, something like, another counter that shows the reconciled/cashed-out tokens all the time (obviously it will keep on increasing independently throught the month), to have more clarity and we will know all the time what, at least (minimum), is going to be the payout.

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I think the following fix will resolve this issue:


This was corrected after today’s update in Nightly.
Since Current earnings this month (estimated) have also been decreased, they seem to belong to Ads not-reconciled in previous month (Jan) and this month (Feb) only.

So does this mean that browser will no longer attempt to recoincile ads from previous months (Dec and before, I clearly have some of them becuase of mentioned error in OP) Or Current earnings this month (estimated) will increase to reflect them if at all they get reconciled ?


Okay @Mattches found a bug and I hope my Math is correct. The counter Current earnings this month (estimated) is showing all the Ads not-reconciled. It should also include Ads reconciled in this month (Feb).

Unreconciled ads that you viewed will roll over and be paid out in the following payment period.

I know it will be paid, but it doesn’t show the right amount. For example, Ads viewed in the previous month (January) but reconciled this month (February) are not included.

Yes, that is the case. That’s because ads that are not reconciled by the beginning of the payment process roll over into the next month.

As per tmancey fix is available in-