Feedback: mining while browsing/watching videos much glitchier than Chrome


I often mine cryptocurrencies (via GPU) and I’ve found that with the Brave browser my performance is much worse while mining than it is with Chrome while mining. With Chrome I can watch Youtube videos and browse all kinds of website but with Brave the videos will freeze every few seconds and are much glitchier than I’m used to. Now I know it’s not your responsibility to make Brave work while someone is using their GPU at nearly 100% but somehow Chrome does so with much better performance. Therefore I find it hard to continually use Brave when I could be making passive money on the side while using Chrome with no problems. This is constructive criticism and I hope one day it won’t be an issue because I love what Brave is doing for the public. Maybe there is even some sort of setting that would help with performance in this respect. Thank you.

EDIT: I just disabled hardware acceleration, maybe that will fix the issue. Feels better so far :slight_smile:


Brave doesn’t allow mining, it’s blocked in the browser, to protect users CPUs from getting damaged.


Sorry, I should have been more specific. I don’t mean an in browser miner, I mean a GPU miner running on the same computer as the browser. It seems as though disabling hardware acceleration has fixed this issue, however.

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