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There’s no “just Feedback”, so i post this here.

  • No “safe all open tabs” option
    –> my standard is at least 30 tabs, if i search pictures even more. bookmarking just one tab at a time -> nerve wrecking

  • The menu that opens by right click -> No underlined letters
    –> checking all letters of the keyboard is tedious

  • By right click on a Link -> The letter “O” has 5 entries in the menu
    –> tipping on a key up to five times is the contrary to “fast”

  • After i select one of them, i have to tip on “Return
    –> Firefox = stroke key -> there you go

  • By right click on Link and Option “Save Link as…” -> Link is saved like a file and can’t be opened. By trying to open, Windows gives a warning that link/file may be harmful and blocks it.

  • When downloading something, the download bar on the bottom of the screen always pops up and can’t be turned off.

  • By opening the download window, (“View all”) the list is cluttered, the entries are too big and have no icon.

  • And by choosing “Clear completed downloads”, not only the completed ones get cleared, but also the “Interrupted” ones.
    So to clear the list to see which ones need to be downloaded, kills all entries.

That’s all at the moment.
I don’t expect a response.
I’m no programmer and i hope that the points i made are merely miner problems that can be fixed relatively easy.

Keep up the good work.
**Greetings to the Team and **
Mr. Eich

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