Feedback from a user who used brave search for some time

1.) Bing Fallback along with Google fallback

It would be good if brave search had a bing fallback feature along with google fallback. It can then either mix results with bing, google, brave search index if the your has turned ON all three or just bing fallback like google fallback.

2.) Concentration of all brave search settings:-

These settings should also be present and controlled from the upper right search settings menu. Also WDP On/Off settings should also be present on brave search settings along with brave browser settings menu for users of brave search on brave browser.

3.) UI/UX

More UI/UX control with thr user will appreciated. For UI it can be like brave search thme can be grey along with white and black. Or font size control.

For UX some other stuff.
Check ddg or other search engines on how they have greater control with the user.

4.) Anonymous view:-

An anonymous view of websites which open a screenshot preview or cache for privacy view. It can also be useful for paywall websites. The search engine opens the articles from their server instead of user (if user opts-in) to preserve privacy of user by opening less private sites.

Currently swisscows and startpage have it

4.) Feedback from Merriam webster does nor work properly. If type in ‘pluck’ it does not give any meaning out as I need to type in ‘pluck meaning’ for the feedback feature to work.
On google for example it work directly by typing in ‘pluck’.
Brave search should know that when a user types in a non-repitive word meaning he tryping to look it up its meaning.

5.) Onion site problems
When I am using brave search via its onion address then it has a few problems. Mainly the onion site cannot be saved in firefox (tor browser) search menu. It automatically reverts back to normal brave search (non-onion). It is not possible for it save like ddg. Ddg can both be saved onion and non-onion site at the same time in tor browser.
When using the brave search onion, it starts displaying some site addresees via its onion URL like will braveabcdxyz.onion in the wikipedia widget. But as the brave onion addresses has large letters the onion URL goes out of the wikipedia box in the top right corner.

@Mattches Do pass on my feedback if you see it was good.



(updating my earlier . . .)

Online, look up ‘Search Engine Operators’ (“SEO”). I wish that Brave Search would include in its documentation / help, its SEO’s.

Example: define:pluck

What @S-Config said(elsewhere): the opening and closing double-quote marks seem to do nothing.

I do expect Brave Search Engine to thoroughly know

  • Brave Help Center
  • Brave Community

The Discourse search ‘engine’ (used at Brave Community) lacks some abilities, that I keep hoping the Brave Search Engine will make up for:

  • finding chraracter strings between opening and closing [ie within] ‘back tick marks’


I used Brave Browser and the Brave Search Engine website, in order to search for criteria, and

The Brave Search Engine DID NOT RESPOND with the Brave article that contains both criteria:

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Point 2 too some extent is already done. They have concentrated those widget settings in the settings panel called ‘Quick Settings’

Now only WDP is missing.

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Another user reported that the dictionary feature is not easy to use Suggestion: A Dictionary feature in Brave Search results similar to Google

I actually didn’t know about the dictionary available with Brave Search. In the quote below I did not understand at all the “pluck” reference. When I type pluck or pluck meaning (with or without quotes) in the search bar it brings up various dictionary results for the meaning of the word pluck. lol Obviously, I must be doing something wrong! Any hints? :wink:

I did find !mw and !camd from What !bangs can I use in Brave Search? which I hadn’t really looked at before I started trying to look for Help Center topics on search and pluck references… I actually like using the bangs, especially !mw, less typing than pluck. :grin:

I do have an issue with Brave Search enabling Anonymous local results after I disable on exiting and reopening the browser. I guess it is because it saves that setting in history/cookies, ditto with Open links in new tabs in Search Settings. I always clear history/cache when I exit Brave. I wish they would make these permanent, default toggles for Brave Search instead. I hate having to change these each time I close and open Brave.

Just search pluck meaning

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@chh_68 Sheesh, I totally misread your feedback! Ooops. lol

Thanks for the response to my very silly question. :laughing:

Needs more widgets, current ones are very few

More partnership with other browsers to make brave search default or in the default list in settings.

WDP for android, still not available after 1.5 years.

Also, where are the search ads. It has been around 1.5 years since brave search is launched and still not a single search ad. Quite odd.

+1 to item number 4 above. Brave search should offer anonymous view (like Startpage). Also, it should allow us to switch from GET requests to POST requests, which do not include your search terms in the URL. Startpage and DuckDuckGo have this option.