Feedback forum kludginess

Your Feedback section here needs radical improvements. It is kludgy at best! And when it screws itself up, which is frequently, it sends a pointless Dialog Box with an inane & unhelpful message. Which we neither need nor want, and which is the precise OPPOSITE of “OK”. And then it forces us to click “OK” before it will do anything else. You need to eliminate that infuriating “OK” button, or at least put a “Not OK” button beside it. Because an app eff up is absolutely NEVER okay. Never!

If you keep the “mandatory ok” button, for when your browser & its Feedback effs up, then everyone will know that eff ups are considered okay within Brave. Otherwise get rid of it, because it is definitely NOT “okay”. I’m deadly serious. Clicking “ok” on something that is the opposite of okay, is infuriating to me!! Are you guys that insecure that you need me to validate your eff ups by clicking on your damn okay button every time your browser effs up??

I never had a technical problem with this forum, neither on Windows nor on Android.

If you encounter the problem again, could you provide a screenshot and the exact steps that lead to the problem? Your description alone is not very helpful for fixing the issue.

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