Feedback for the Brave Browser


Hello. I am a new Brave user and i can say only WOW!!
The browser is so fast,it load pages really quickly and it has it own torrent manager, downloader and ad-blocker!!! Phenomenal!!!
Congratulations to the developers!!!


I am writing to report that I am using your browser on Linux Mint 18.2, it took me several tries to get the browser to work, I couldn’t get the tar file to work, or the sudo apt get terminal commands, the only way that worked for me was the snapd and using the snap command. The browser is very fast on Linux. I am wondering how to find all available extensions, the ones provided in settings are adequate for my needs, just curious if there are more some place else.


Thanks for the kind word of feedbacks and for using Brave, @MattDiamond17.

Feel free to open a new thread if you have questions or face some bugs.


Hi @Josheee,

I’m not very familiar with Linux. But does steps mentioned here doesn’t help? I saw Linux Mint section in these guide

All available supported extensions is listed in Preferences > Extensions. And the team is working to support more extensions.

Feel free to submit your extension list in Extensions Request category and see list of requested extensions.


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