Feedback for the Brave Ads Trial


If you have anything to share about your experience with the Brave Ads Trial, please leave it here.

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Excited to start testing them. Here are my initials thoughts;


  • Standard push notification on MacOS good. Unobtrusive. On the right track.
  • Could use a high quality sound alert to go along with it. Current is a glitchy, default buzz (maybe only on my comp?).


  • Targeting obviously needs refinement.
  • I was noticeably more reactive / my attention piqued to ads that were better suited to me (Nintendo, Walmart TV, Computers).
  • I was more receptive to ads that were a discount / deal.
  • I was more receptive to ads that were information based (not selling product) targeted to me; I think I saw one for that had information about Operas.

Edit - Looking forward to the day Advertisers can A/B test their copy on the push notifications / alerts.

Will update more thoughts as they arrive. Thx.


Hello, I have started testing the Brave-Ads-Test a couple of hours ago. Exciting!


  • the push notification is very nice. However it appears also when watching youtube in fullscreen mode, which can be a bit annoying. I suggest to avoid showing the notification when youtube (or other things) are in full screen mode, or at least to give the user the option to choose on this behaviour.


  • The ads I have seen at the moment had nothing at all to do with what I have been browsing around for 2 hours (mostly youtube and reddit, not websites). We will see in the future…
  • One of them raised an error: Amazon servers blocked the connection, or something. Possibly because I am using a VPN service I think.
  • Generally speaking, the ads I have seen so far look like normal websites or portals: they do not look like ads of products. For example the last ads i have seen is just simply the webpage


  • somebody (a genius!) on reddit suggested that it would be awesome to get, as ads, good deals (valid for a few hours or stuff like that) from Amazon related to my purchasing history (on amazon). Of course that would require a partnership with amazon. But really that would be awesome and super useful. I’d like to see those kind of ads even without being paid, if they are really well targeted.

  • Sometimes I get an interesting ads, but I am busy, so I click ‘close’. I am not sure what the AI thinks at that point, perhaps it thinks that the ads didn’t interest me! So, for this, I think it would be useful to have at least 3 options available: View/Close/ Propose-Again-Later

Keep up the good work!

EDIT: I just opened to check out the new iphones and macbook and a few minutes after Brave gave me ads about discounts on buys Macs! This seems very promising!
I wonder if you also use youtube activity (and reddit subs). In my case I honestly don’t surf so much the web, I use a lot youtube, facebook, reddit, amazon and a few other websites.


My initial reaction is favorable. The quality of the ad partners and ad content so far is impressive, in my opinion, and I found the notifications to be unobtrusive. I can see this getting better and better as the targeting gets more precise. I don’t have any suggestions for the UX.

That said, as I spent some time looking at ads I kept asking myself…“what level of engagement would earn me some BAT? And how many?”

For ads that aren’t truly of interest, I could see myself and other users becoming a bit like mice running around a maze looking for cheese…“what do I need to do to earn some BAT? I’d like to earn just a little BAT today so I can meet my monthly donation levels to the content providers I care about.” If we had some indication of what behaviors correlated to a BAT reward, we would exhibit those behaviors (up to a point). Hence my question: will the UX be able to tell us in real time whether our engagement has resulted in a reward? This would help us to calibrate our level of engagement.

Btw, while this behavior may not be motivated by a true interest in the underlying product, I don’t think this is necessarily bad for the advertiser…these ads will still get much more engagement than 99% of the ads that are served-up in the current non-Brave ad environment. And I would think that some level of engagement has value and is better than no engagement.


Hi there!

I really like the push notifications; non-obtrusive, however, at the same time, it’s not engaging enough. For example, adverts should really catch the users’ attention immediately, 2 potential alterations:

  1. Displaying the advertisers logo - a familiar logo will catch eyes, especially if it’s from a company the user has been considering to purchase from. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’
  2. A emphasis (bold text) on the product being advertised, that way the user can just spend short bursts of attention filtering through more notifications whilst browsing. The notification may not necessarily display obtrusively, but having a long sentence can fracture attention spans.

Note: I have only been browsing lightly so have not experienced the full ad targeting.

  • I’ve been considering purchasing a new saloon, so decided to browse on Brave Ads Test build. I was impressed in that the subsequent adverts were shown by the relevant industry, but I hope in the future, it will be more specific to the type of vehicle and maybe even brand I was looking as well as a potential discount! :wink:

Q) Personally, I spend a bit of time browsing Youtube videos, would it be possible for Brave to push ads related to the videos? i.e. Watching food shows -> food gadgets, watching snooker -> snooker cues, pools clubs etc.



Oh wow! I really like the Propose Later suggestion - I had the same issue!


I’ve been testing Brave Ads for the last 7 day, please see below for feedback:


  • I have “Ads Per Day” set to 6 and “Ads Per Hour” set at 6 and do not find these “extreme” parameters negatively affecting my experience.

  • Frequency capping per ad is good. I don’t feel bombarded by the same advertiser or creative.

  • Push notifications are not intrusive and can easily be closed.

  • I trust the ads are safe when I see the BAT logo.

  • The ads negatively affect my browsing experience while watching YouTube full screen.

  • Alert sound is OK. Users should have the option of turning sound off or choosing another sound.

  • User should have the option to block specific advertisers.

Ad Units

  • I can easily identify the advertiser.

  • Some ads have contextual relevance when delivered.

  • The ads are viewable.

  • Ads are functional and lead to a landing page.

  • URL in the creative is unnecessary

  • No need for 2 BAT logos in ad unit.


  • Real time (in-flight) user surveys are great: they help models learn and campaigns perform better. I believe users will provide Brave with demographic and location data because this data is encrypted on device.

  • Real time (in-flight) user surveys are also helpful for measuring brand lift (brand awareness/brand recall).

  • To test brand safety, I visited a “risky website” and the push notification remained on my screen. You may want to investigate this further.

  • Looking forward to video.


Good points. Also agree - no need for 2 BAT logos in ad units.