Feedback: drag and drop features


I really like what Brave stands for, and I feel it really faster than the others. I coming from Chrome (I am Chrome user since its release!) but decided to drop it after latest auto sing-in controversy.

After using Brave instead of Chrome for 3 days, there are two very useful drag and drop mechanism in Chrome that would be make transition to Brave better if Brave could do it too. These are things that lot of people use all the time in Chrome and Firefox and they are muscle memory for lot of us.

1. Downloaded files on the bottom bar are links to the files themselves. So when I drag a downloaded image from the download bar for example I can drop it in a text field on Twitter or open it as new page dropping it on the tabs bar. Or drop it in a folder opened as a window on the other screen. I can drop the downloaded image in photoshop without opening another window for the folder that contain the file… so you know like any file on the computer. Making the downloaded file the file itself is a big time saver.

2. Highlighted text. When I highlight text in Chrome I can drag and drop it in other apps or even in Chrome. Instead of ctrl+c I can highlight a piece of text and drag and drop it in a textbox where I write a comment or to the tab bar to open a new tab as search for the highlighteted text. Funny thing: I can drag text from Brave to Firefox and Chrome. Also I can drag and drop text from other application to any other browser. But I can’t drop text on Brave anywhere it doesn’t even change tabs when I drag the text on a tab, that makes things much slower. All the time I save with blocked ads goes to ctrl+c text, open a new tab, ctrl+v in bar to search for it (+ every other use case of d&d text)

For me these two things would make the Brave browser a perfect, even superior replacement for Chrome.

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