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hello everyone.
i have been using Brave pretty much since the release or sometime around that, and i have seen it improve ever since, which is something i really love about it, for example, the ad blocking system is getting really good lately, and most of the bugs that i encountered in the browser are pretty much gone, however there is one major bug that really bugs me and my friends, and that is Video bug on Reddit and Facebook, most of the times the videos refused to start , or they get stuck in an infinite loop of loading ring, which i am hoping it gets fixed soon, but the one thing that i really need in this browser to be Perfect for my use, is an active dynamic page translator, pretty much like the one in google chrome, you can set it to translate a certain language whenever the browser encounters it , i am well aware that Brave added the ability to add extensions to the Brave Browser lately, which is awesome and i use that to get google translate extension on my Brave, but sadly it is not an active translator, pretty much i have to click every time i need something translated.

i am very Proud of Brave browser and the work effort and time that was put to get it to this stage, and i am ever Greatfull for it, but i am hopping for two things to get fixed or added,

  1. The Video Bug on Reddit and Facebook.
  2. an active Dynamic/translating system.

For reddit video, try to disable the Brave Shield on reddit.
Sorry I don’t use facebook


I mean, to play the videos, all you have to do is deactivate the shields on these pages.
(Edit: Oh, already answered. Overlooked …)

This is currently in progress.

Hey, a side note :grin: Try in the future to think also of points in the sentences. That makes reading easier in some places.

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hhhh, i apologize, i am learning English as i go.
Thank you for the information though :slight_smile: , much appreciated.

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