Feedback and request



i contact you for a feedback and a request about Brave.

At first, I would like to congratulate you ! Thank you for what you are doing with Brave, Continue !!!

I would also want to make a request. Could you allow the users to add additional modules in Brave?

These would be really top ! Could you also allow people to delete modules meadow installed which do not serve?

Because it’s a pity to have to limit it to some complementary modules …

Best regard,


Hi @Sim59121,

Can you be more specific as to what you’re referring to when you say “Modules”?



For me, the module is an extension of the browser. (For example : adblock, kee, ghostery etc…).

Actually, on Brave, we don’t add and delete extensions… it’s a shame.

And, on the application android Brave, can you add a setting to automatically delete the personnal informations (cookies, historic…) because actually, this setting is manual !



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Hi @Sim59121,

Note: Brave have adblock feature which is built in and ON by default. Along with HTTPS Everywhere integration and other opt-in protections.

I also believe this one is for the stable release version of Bravr which have no support to install extensions. Supported extensions is currently listed under preferences > extensions.

Whoever, brave-core, v1.0 coming this year will have those support. :slightly_smiling_face:

And for clear data on exit for android, a request logged for that. Maybe the team will working on it after finishing sync for mobile.


Ok, thank for your answer !

I’m french but if i understand, a new version of brave is coming with this functionality ?

Or, it’s just an assumption ?

And for the brave on android, it’s good !


@Sim59121 to make it more clear, more extensions support is coming for the new version, v1.0.


ok, thank you for your answer and for your help !

How can i close this topic ?




@Sim59121, I reopened this topic just remind you that if you want to try an early version of Brave 1.0 is available right now if you’d like to download it. Remember, the Developer Build is early access, but it does support many features that the current live release doesn’t, including extensions (modules :wink: )
If you’re interested you can download the Developer release here.