Feedback after using Brave for a week (bugs, features, UI flaws)



First, THANK YOU for the really impressive work!
Brave is really fast, and consume less CPU (for me it also means longer battery time at notebook) and RAM in compare with Firefox (Chrome is even more behind).
Feature set is nice too, you have nearly all i need.

But there are some flaws i want to share with you as well. Some of them are possible a bugs, but some is really annoying.

  1. Working with history and URL type suggestions
  • Common shortcut Ctrl+H for history doesn’t work.
  • There are also no way to show history from main menu, only from ALT-menu.
  • At history page, i can only see Host and Title. But Title is informative for some sites, so it also should be a field with URL.
  • At the suggestions from history, they limited to 5. It’s ok, but the problem is if you have 5-+ URLs from one site, you can’t select one you need - suggestions stop showing if you are select from it, then change URL again. I think it’s a bug.
  • It’s nice to have a way to import history/forms from other browser - it makes migration more easy.
  1. Shelds
  • Now shields broke some sites design (f.e., - CSS elements blocked accidentally.
  • Some image hosting blocked as well (,, etc).
  • It will be nice to have a way to add exception directly from the blocking URL’s list - it helps with this problems.
  • … But the worse - exception rules like #@#[domain=""] simple doesn’t works.
  1. Plugins and features.
    The set is nice, but i miss some of them:
  • On-the-fly translation directly from the page
  • Download link URL redirection to external client
  • Torrent link transfer to Transmission

I hope it’s only the temporary problems, wish you to grow well.

For now, i will use Brave as a main browser, fits well even with this.


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