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Just I want to give my feedback after using Brave for the last 2 months. I came to the conclusion that it cannot be used as my daily browser. Please dont jump on me. I know it is still in developer mode and not ready for prime time.
My comments are this:

  1. The community is very active and friendly. Especially @eljuno is very active and helpful.
  2. very fast. But sometimes too slow as well (not responsive)
  3. Installation does not show what it is doing. same for uninstallation too. (i know its for safety purpose not giving users options. But at least a window showing what these things are doing).
  4. confusing names. Dev in the download section of the home page is preview of the release candidate. There is another developer version which is the actual developer version (currently at 0.21.x).
  5. bitdefender is not up to date for some time. As of today it is saying latest version. This should be kept up to date as these are password managers and security is important.
  6. The default setting of bitdefender is to never lock it. Instead I prefer this to be lock on restart. So that once the browser is closed bitdefender is also logged out. If that is unlocked it is safety concern. (in chome and firefox it choses lock upon closing the browser).
  7. A easier page where one can download release, beta, developer and nightly versions as mentioned in one of the blog will be greatly appreciated.
  8. If possible a dark theme is needed. I know it is in progress. But since this is a summary of my experience I leave it here.
  9. when site isolation is selected many sites are useless. So I cannot select that option. Hope this will be improved.
  10. Seriously the suggestions for top site which pops up while typing in the address bar need to be changed. I got sites like and etc when typing the letter “s”. I was just curious to see what it is. In this alone has 68 ads blocked by brave on the first time. Please make this something useful.
  11. I still have Brave dev and developer installed. Will check this once a week at least. But cant be used as my daily browser as stated above.
    Thanks for the novel concept. I am sure much better things are on the way.


+1 on 6. do you reckon that is just specifically related to bitdefender because lock on restart should be stipulated for every password manager, honestly I figured these were settings that should e offered by the solution providers.

  1. For which DE or OS?

+1 on 10.

To be honest I wouldn’t recommenced that anyone use this as a proprietary browser except for the team, I did for quite sometime and it started to frustrate me.

I remember using Brave for the first time not paying much interest on the engine I figured once its major milestones are completed it will begin to compete with the top 4 browser available.

Opera’s stratup is just fantastic, I’m not too keen on Chrome though Brave optimizes the same engine (which I hope they change) in light of Mozilla’s new Quantum engine and how brillaint it is at rendering and loading content.

I don’t think Brave should just rely on it’s uniqe Ledger/payment system, though it it excellent; I struggle to see how it can currently top FireFox because many will see adding uBlock Origin in Firefox similar to brave and arguably more efficient.


Bitdefender selects “never” option for its lock down only on Brave browser. On Chrome and Firefox it chose “On Restart” option.

OS: Windows 10

Brave: 0.20.30
V8: 6.4.388.40
rev: 8b78402e7b3b91d44d8146cbe4dc8013592c33fd
Muon: 4.7.9
OS Release: 10.0.15063
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 64.0.3282.119


On 10th point:
For Top Sites I heard that it is picking sites from Alexa ranking. Still it could be more country specific from where we are using the browser.

  1. God your picky. You should try speaking to a Linux user about finding a better methodology to downloading any version.


I would have understood if you were frustrated by everyday annoyances, such as accidentally disconnecting tabs without the option to disable that “feature”, or some websites with cookies / scripts refusing to load. But I honestly just don’t understand the issues you have outlined. I guess to each their own.


I think brave for Mac is way faster and better than brave for windows. brave for windows was slow to install and it did not work the first time when I tried to open it. when I installed it did not appear in the start menu or program list. The one for mac was super fast. I don’t know what is taking them so long to get extensions from chrome/firefox into brave. I had to uninstall for windows. mac version is awesome but windows version is slow and buggy.


+1 on the dark theme

Brave would be my main browser if there was a darker theme, bookmarks button where I can see all my bookmarks and RSS feeds and a link rater for when you do searches so you don’t click on malicious link results.


@nellaiseemai thanks for the feedback!

It’s really useful to get a feel for the difference between ‘these are critical features which I cannot live without’ versus ‘these are annoyances, but I’ll live’.

Thanks for giving it an honest try! A few of your listed items are already on our radar and I’ll check in with the security team re: bitdefender.



Thanks. Yes. I agree.
This is also still in active development stage.
I realize some of my concerns are not critical. But I just wanted to compile my overall experience.

But I should be honest. I am still using it side by side. Cant resist using Brave browser.


Brave does not have an about:flags option like in Google Chrome. Still I would like to adjust the site isolation. See this discussion:


Hi @nik2,

Brave have Strict site isolation settings at Preferences > Security. :slight_smile:


My bad, Thanks!:grinning:


I have that option selected. But it seems to break website. Even is not working when strict site isolation is enabled. By that i mean, I cannot switch between download/support/publishers/support/blog/about. It just stays at homepage whatever i click.
Brave website not working properly when strict site isolation enabled


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