Feedback: advertise the fact that Brave stops autoplay


Not sure that advertise is the right word, but the fact that Brave stops autoplay ads and content is the reason I made Brave my default browser on both Windows and iOS. Autoplay is the one thing everybody I know absolutely despises. Sure, ads and trackers etc are annoying, but they are easy to block in any of the major browsers and most people don’t really care if a page loads a few seconds faster. I don’t see these things as major selling points for the average internet user.

Killing autoplay, on the other hand, is a big deal. For me, it’s by far Brave’s number 1 feature and is the only reason I’m using it. I think the developers would do well to promote it as prominently as it promotes the other features (ie speed, integrated adblock, tracker block, etc.). Just look at Google, which got tons of positive press when Chrome began forcing websites to MUTE autoplay, as if that solved the problem. Pathetic.

Good luck. I’m very happy with this browser and am looking forward to seeing it improve in the future.


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