Feedback about the Brave web browser as a brand new user


I would really like to be able to add and remove search engines and prefixes in search settings like in Chrome. This makes certain frequent actions much easier. For me, that means but I’m sure many other people have their own niche search tools they would really like to keep fast access to (Google Maps?).

The (X) permission removal button under “Saved Site Permissions” does not look much like a button (no outline or embossing) and, worse, it doesn’t change from the default cursor to a pointer on mouse-over (to indicate potential interactivity).

The default extensions are a good selection but I should be able to permanently remove unwanted/unused extensions, beyond just disabling them.

It is very hard to see where a tab is going to be dropped when rearranging them. Sublime Text does this better.

Could we get a dark theme option eventually? (like Google Chrome > Menu > New incognito window)

Can we purposefully pin new bookmarks to the “Top Sites” list without first visiting them often enough to make them a “Top Site”?

If a page/link has been pinned to the “Top Sites” list, could the un-bookmark and “Remove” buttons be hidden so that a stray click cannot remove a pinned “Top Site”? (P.S. the “Undo” popup is already a great improvement).

  1. Regarding search engines, we currently ask that folks request additions so that we can offer the most privacy protecting methods of executing searches with them.

  2. Totally agree about that X, I’ll bug @brad about that.

  3. Agreed, you can currently only do this the hard way by rooting around in the /extensions folder

  4. Agreed on tabs, we’re in the process of fixing that.

  5. Dark theme is totally a thing. Expect it to come after Aphrodite/Redux migration.

  6. Custom pins/top sites on the Dashboard is a very requested thing.

  7. Agreed, if you pinned it, there’s probably a reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is awesome feedback! If you have any more we’d love to hear it. Thanks!


I had not considered that there might be more and less private ways of conducting searches. That’s a challenge then as I’m sure there will always be more search tools people want to use (or have to use for work), and some just may not be built with privacy in mind. Good luck with that.

I’ll mention anything else I find as I use Brave, but so far everything else has been quite smooth.


I have a concern. Personally, I do not ever want to use Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. for searches because I believe in supporting more privacy-oriented options such as StartPage, Searx and Qwant (thanks for including them).

Is there a way I can remove search engines I dont want to ever use? I would also like to be able to add other search engines that are not on the list. Is this is the works? What are your plans along these lines?


Hi @davidpgil,

There’s an open issue related to add custom search engines (I believe it’s covered remove search engines too). I added your comment to the GH issue and you can track the progress here:

Thank you,