Feedback about logs and privacy policy


Please be more transparent and truthful:

,We create temporary server logs whenever we receive these connections. These logs include your IP address and a brief summary of the action performed — such as checking for an update. We keep these logs for up to a year and use them to ensure the smooth operation of our online infrastructure."

Temporary logs that you keep up to year? Why even log it? You can’t say that you ,protect privacy" and at the same time keep IP logs (it doesn’t make sense).

Payments - how long you keep logs?

And many more :slight_smile:
Could you write more accurate privacy policy?


@Anuin You make some good points.

What if you just use private TOR tab? When Brave opens have it load a blank page. Then you can launch the private Tor tab and maybe that can help? Let me know your thoughts!


Thanks for the feedback @Anuin!

cc @alex on this (I’m not sure who I need to PING!). :slight_smile:


@Anuin yes, I was also going through the privacy policy
and got this… Records for analytics, Brave has mention " When you visit the site, your IP address is part of every request you send. We record information about each request we receive indefinitely. We also use cookies to distinguish related requests into sessions in our records. "

need more accurate privacy policy…!


@Anuin we just hired so please read over their CV and sit tight. There has been a lot of work on this lately and I believe that your concerns will be fully addressed in the near future.


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