[Fedora 29] Public key for brave-browser is not installed



Hello guys, sorry people didn’t like the update. In my opinion, it looks really smooth! I already updated it in my Windows machine at work but at home I’m having an issue when upgrading with dnf. It’s similar to this previosly reported problem: GPG check failed on Fedora

Description of the issue: dnf upgrade throws the error

Public key for brave-browser-0.57.18-1.x86_64.rpm is not installed.
Error: GPG check failed

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): Open terminal and enter

sudo dnf upgrade brave-browser

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Terminal throws error

warning: /var/cache/dnf/brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com_x86_64_- 
d55d330619c02b48/packages/brave-browser-0.57.18-1.x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA512 
Signature, key ID 6a8a26f9: NOKEY
Public key for brave-browser-0.57.18-1.x86_64.rpm is not installed

Expected result: Normal upgrade. The packaged had been installed and upgraded before and didn’t require to import another public GPG key


I tried to import the keys per the instructions here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/blob/master/docs/linuxInstall.md but the upgrade still fails with the same error.


I’m also having this issue.

For me, keys.asc on amazon’s server has fingerprint 5AB4 CA7A C2F9 3FE3 EBD6 082D 6ED1 9DBB 448E EE6C

Meanwhile, brave-browser-0.57.18-1.x86_64.rpm is reported by rpm on my system with the same key id as sameyepatch: 0b31dba06a8a26f9. I’ve placed the file on ipfs at https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmcj9hjmTWCRVHiYy85EVcGkRnwq5XkMWBusujxA7CfQQa .


Same problem. It was blocking me from running dnf upgrade. Fixed by remove Brave Browser :stuck_out_tongue: It looks like a regression.


I know you’re kidding about removing Brave Browser completely but for those who can’t apply updates just because of this issue, dnf has a flag to exclude packages from an upgrade. Just run sudo dnf upgrade --exclude=brave-browser or sudo dnf upgrade -x brave-browser and it will upgrade everything else.


Wasn’t kidding at all. Brave seems to have pushed out a broken package again. I wasn’t able to update my system. I’ll come back to Brave in a while when maybe the packaging process has been fixed.


Looks like it’s related to some major project update or transition?

sudo rpm --import https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-core.asc


Importing this one solved it, thanks a lot man.

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