February rewards

I haven’t received my February rewards, 0.420 or so, my history is empty.
The payment was pending and since then nothing, and no comments below the balance…

  1. What version of Windows are you using?
    Windows 10

  2. What version of Brave do you have? (is it up-to-date?)
    v 1.36.112

  3. Are you seeing ads?

  4. If seeing ads, are you seeing Estimated Earnings change?
    yes for march now

  5. Do you have a Verified Wallet? If so, with Uphold or Gemini?
    yes Uphold

  6. What region are you in?

  7. Do you use a VPN or Proxy server?

@MaackG What you’re seeing is the usual behavior. Brave sent out the payment and now it’s processing on Uphold’s side. You’ll likely have it appear within the next few days or so. (not sure how the weekend might play a part, otherwise I’d say within 24-48 hours)

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