February payout not recived in my uphold wallet

I didn’t received my February payout of 0.991 bat in my uphold account.The payout status is showing to be complete but i haven’t received it .Please help me

@dibyamjalan Still no payout? read this before posting

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It’s useless to say the same thing to everyone who posts. I sent the info and they didn’t even respond to me. It’s the same for many other people. I’m not talking about them fixing it, which they won’t either, but that they at least respond so you know they are aware of it.

Posting here is not gonna get anything for you. Like I shared there, they will tell you strictly that you need to message them or they are going to completely ignore your post. Try browsing through all the people who posted for the last five months or more and you will see that.

Also if you look you would see where I literally quoted Word for Word what they told me about people needing to be patient. We get too many people here who like to duplicate things. A lot of their wasted time comes to happen to look at Wallet information and all that has been sent to them in multiple messages and multiple posts where they end up half and I’ll look and see people who already had their problems resolved but resurfaced again because they posted so many different places. In the meanwhile people that really do need help don’t get it. All because people wanna post and complain and repeat and duplicate constantly. It’s also frustrating for someone like me is trying to go through and help people but unfortunately all the same duplicated post keep reappearing and then it pushes the people with problems can be solved way down the list

If they don’t care, at least it will get their attention. Since they don’t care, at least it generates annoyance. If it is useful to post, and more than once if possible. That’s how it works when they ignore you.

No, not at all. And that’s why some of you guys have the same problems consistently. It’s because you think that annoying them is the answer but all they do is ignore you. And by ignoring you and the post then they don’t have any problem. Or fact at that time you’re the only one with the problem. I think if you would know what it’s like to work, especially shorthanded, you might have a little bit of a better understanding. It’s two people handling hundreds if not thousands of messages and posts a day. If you think you can do better, they are hiring. But I don’t know if you’re qualified I would be capable. And yes, I’m a little frustrated right now and it’s showing. If you see any grammar errors this because I’m doing voice to text and hurrying in between a couple things that I’m trying to work on

I guess you didn’t read my first message carefully. I didn’t complain that they didn’t fix it today, but that they don’t even respond affirmatively when you send them the information.

No, I read it very carefully. What you said is you thought that you would get a response from them by posting. And I am suggesting to you that if you carefully look through all the bravery awards post that the majority of them did not get a response. And even the ones that did get a response was just a quick copy and paste of saying to send them information and then they closed that post so nobody could comment any further.

Our mail has a way of being able to show you a People has looked at it or not when you DM them. But you also are able to keep messaging if you really need to or any of that. But if we do trust what they said and that it really can take them multiple days to resolve one issue and they are getting hundreds or more a day, how is that math going to work for you? That’s essentially why so many people of had issues for so long. And they are trying to work and resolve it for everybody. And posting it complaining here is not gonna get them any help or really get a solution. I’ve reached out to higher level management and I’m trying to work with them on that. But that was just a quick twitter conversation and I have no idea if they’re doing anything

Hi @Pablo0666, I replied to your DM as soon as I saw it. I’m really not sure what you mean by ‘they didn’t respond to me’. Please see our DM. Thank you.