February payment rewards

Hi still not get any payment about the month of February for my brave rewards amount… should be in my account the past 7 march…but until today 14 march I still don’t have those in my account. waiting for an answer thanks
Ps the previous payment always came on time in my account…just the one from February don’t come yet

This part is inaccurate. Payments BEGIN around the 7th, but often don’t arrive to Users until later. Such as Uphold payments are still processing right now.

Which account? Using Uphold? If so, it’s not done yet. A lot of people talk about checking Ads Payout Status Update for status but I tend to keep track on https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ because it tends to be a little more accurate.

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Thanks for the sampson codes link.

Many uphold users are waiting for the BAT reward in this payout cycle including me.

The above link can help us to keep track on the accurate payment status in general.

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@crissdinesh Yep. It’s also a good link to know what ad campaigns are in your area, how many times you’re allowed to see ads from each campaign, what they pay users, etc. It’s a very good link to have.

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Thanks all. Payments are still processing.