February 2020 Publisher Payout Megathread

Folks whats going on i still haven’t received the payment?

Good night, I have this amount in BAT pending payment, it’s been over 3 months since I received them, but every month the payment process starts and is updated normally, but at the end the payment is not made and the process starts over , can you help me?

Did you receive your BAT tokens from tips? Because if you have 4 accounts or more, websites, blogs, channels etc connected, the minimum payout is 5 BAT tokens per channel.

My January and February payment missing
Please help me

I still haven’t received the BAT this month, what happened?

My payment was processing for a few days but now the progress bar has closed and the payment has not been made. The balance is still showing on my account page.

Can I get paid please, this balance has been on my account since December.

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I wonder. l also experiencing the same thing.

Yeah, it seems that payments for github are not working…

oh, I didnt know, ty.
Can someone explain how can i solve this?

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My Payments Proof, Earning Period Januari 2020 - Februari 2020

Thank You Brave, See You Next Month :slight_smile:

I have the exact same issue. Can a moderator please help us both out? My payout was pending and then disappeared and skipped February.

confirmed according to the statement but I didn’t receive the Bat

We were hit hard this month with Rewards issues; we recently processed a secondary payout for anyone affected. We ask for everyone’s patience for a little bit longer while we get this stuff fixed – I can assure you that any BAT lost as a result of bugs on our end will be refunded and then some!

Please make sure you read the original post carefully and confirm that you are not affected by any of the most common payout issues. :slight_smile:


Can you give me a position about my problem?

Alright, I patiently wait for it. Thanks. I trust u people

Good night. My Jan/Feb payment is missing.
Please help me

wow the great news

शुक्र, 14 फ़र॰ 2020 को 9:55 pm बजे को Jordan Silva Oliveira via Brave Community brave@discoursemail.com ने लिखा:

Is this some kind of mistake or a topic with a promise to fix unaccounted installations by February 15?

I guess they will do it, if not, theyve promised to compensate the account (I would guess with daily average rate for 3 or 4 days.)

Any news anyone got paid already?