February 2020 Publisher Payout Megathread

confirmed according to the statement but I didn’t receive the Bat

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We were hit hard this month with Rewards issues; we recently processed a secondary payout for anyone affected. We ask for everyone’s patience for a little bit longer while we get this stuff fixed – I can assure you that any BAT lost as a result of bugs on our end will be refunded and then some!

Please make sure you read the original post carefully and confirm that you are not affected by any of the most common payout issues. :slight_smile:


Can you give me a position about my problem?

Alright, I patiently wait for it. Thanks. I trust u people

Good night. My Jan/Feb payment is missing.
Please help me

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wow the great news

शुक्र, 14 फ़र॰ 2020 को 9:55 pm बजे को Jordan Silva Oliveira via Brave Community brave@discoursemail.com ने लिखा:

Is this some kind of mistake or a topic with a promise to fix unaccounted installations by February 15?

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I guess they will do it, if not, theyve promised to compensate the account (I would guess with daily average rate for 3 or 4 days.)

Any news anyone got paid already?

My Jan/Feb payment its missing and the secondary payout in the same…

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I am in the same boat as a lot of others here.

I am fully verified at Uphold, my Uphold account has been linked to my publishers account after it was verified and I have a payout above 5 Bat. Though for the third month I have not received any payout.

The payout process starts, goes on for a week or so, and then nothing. Nothing paid out and no indication on why. The total amount still pending in balance. Its been the same for multiple months.

How can I get this resolved?

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we all are experiencing the same isue

@amful @trygve can you both PM me your brave://rewards-internals info? We can then trouble shoot your payout for you.


Same here, as i said some days ago.

My account was suspended on payout date - Feb 8th. I was asked to submit how I brought in downloads. I sent a detailed email with all the numbers 14 days ago. I still haven’t gotten any reply yet. Please don’t let me down Brave.

Is there any update for this? My February payment went from preparing to just being skipped. Can I please get a straight answer on what the issue is? I have gotten payouts in the past with no issue.

Hi Asad, I am a verified publisher with brave and uphold linked but I am not receiving any tips, do you know why this is? I am sure I have been tipped but nothing has shown up on my account since months ago.

It’s 28th February already and my account is still under review. Is Brave a fraud ?
Anybody ever got their account out of review ?
Somebody please help me.

Brave is not froud! They paid me for many months but the last two months have not but i have patience.
They certainly have a lot of work to do. I believe everything will be ok in the end.

Wat account is on Review, can u explain further