February 2020 Ads Payout Megathread

Alright, then channel your problem to the Support team via the link above for them to solve your problem. Let me know after they sort you out nice meeting u!

Update your browser to chromium 80.

Update! Problem is still there and no contact from the support team.???

The number of funds I received from December 2019 has not yet been received. I sent in a request for support and approval but I still don’t get it now. Please check help me

I’v updated my browsers, now I guess I’ll need to wait until March 5 to see if it fixed the issue.

I hope so too. Can you send me the link to update mine as well. I mean brave browser version 1.3 (chromium 80). I am unable to update mine.

@Asad. It’s 8th no payment yet

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Normally they pay late evening CET. In Europe there is still 5 p.m, so I believe we will get payments in 5-7 hours from now.

We are awaiting payment. Relax and wait. Payout still in progress.

any update on this? did you get yours rewards?

I still have not! My issue still remains

Still waiting For it. Don’t know why it has kept long

BAT progress has vanished and yet haven’t received any BAT token to my uphold wallet. What’s going on. @Asad.please do something about it.

This line already disappeared and my Uphold account still don’t receive anything.

What happened?

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it seems to sort itself …growing pains?

No I didn’t get it oooo. Hmmm

I still haven’t received mine…

Closing this thread – please direct all inquiries to the March megathread: March 2020 Ads Payout Megathread