Features that I miss from google search

I recently made the switch to brave search to test it out after being someone who has used google forever. I like what brave is trying to do and here are some features that I hope get added to brave, that I think will improve the experience.

  1. When searching time for a city or a country, e.g “time russia” into google it shows the time at the top.

    But in brave search you have to open a link to a website to see the time which is really annoying.

  2. When searching sports events in google e.g “euro 2021”, “india cricket”, at the top of the results it shows the relevant fixture information in a really pleasing way. E.g “argentina fc”

    It shows most recent fixture and upcoming matches. And you can click “see more” to see past matches. It even has a match recap that takes you to youtube for the game they played today.

But in brave sadly it doesn’t do this and I found this VERY frustrating and unappealing after coming from google search where its so easy :frowning:

But I like that brave shows a information card like google on the right hand side

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