Features that I miss from google search part 3

A weird bug in the currency convertor:

after i remove the extra digit it doesn’t show any conversion

  1. When searching “weather” on brave search its nice to see at the top the graph and related information without having to open a weblink. Is it possible to add a temperature, precipitation and perhaps wind, similar to google:


  2. Searching in brave search, “weather suburb” doesn’t give weather for most of those suburbs whatever the suburb I enter at the top. Instead it shows links webpages for the weather which is not as convenient as it showing up at the top. It shows the weather for some suburbs I want at the top, most times it doesn’t want to show the weather for that suburb and instead forces me to click a webpage. In the future it would be great if it shows you the weather for suburbs at the top like google search.

Yup agree with your posts re Brave Search and why I reverted back to Google Search as my default search engine.