Features that I miss from google search part 2 :)

  1. When going to images tab in google and brave search, under tools google gives an option to see image usage rights.

    But I don’t think brave lets us see the usage rights of images under its tools.

  2. When entering a currency conversion in google:


Google displays a nice graph that you can also cycle through history as well to see how the conversion rate has changed. This would be nice to see in brave search.

  1. Also from the above two pictures of the conversion, you can see that google lets you change the selected currency to another one from the drop down menu, whereas brave does not let the user change it, they have to re-enter it in the search box.

  2. I noticed currencies are missing from brave’s currency convertor. Brave search will not show currency conversion for e.g the Pakistani rupee, Ugandan Shilling etc, instead I have to click a link to a webpage for those ones :frowning:

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I will pass your feedback along to the Search Team :slightly_smiling_face:



I really miss these functions from google (time conversion, currency conversion graphs, etc.). Hope these features are added quickly (and also servers in every geography). Because to be honest, I’m really considering moving back to google.

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people are helping by giving feedback to improve the product/service


I can go back to google it’s not an issue. These are just my thoughts about brave with the idea that it will help their product. I will probably go back to google but I will provide as much feedback as I can to help their product coz i like it

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Yea I didn’t realise how convenient they were till they were gone.

But my feedback isnt to take down brave. I really like what they have done so far in a short time. This stuff isnt a priority ofcourse there are bigger things to worry but my hope is they will eventually consider what I have said so more people will continue to use it.

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