Features Requests

Not easy to use
Please make some UI changes,

  1. Instead of add to bookmark option from toolbar, add option of bookmark right from toolbar, or add option of forward on toolbar, as no body bookmarks websites as frequently as accessing bookmark or using forward.

  2. Add option of speed dial on home tab, instead of top sites visited.
    currently this feature is in Opera and vivaldi, firefox, samasung browser and others but not in brave.

3)Please brave change your icon, make your icon techy, use white and blue combination.
current icon is the worst icon among all browsers.

I hope these changes are implemented and my feedback efforts dont go to waste.

The icon is awesome!

And also, there’s a feature request subject that you could’ve probably put this in.

this icon really looks bad, its not techy. lion is no cool. no animal is cool as an icon.

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