FEATURES REQUEST: old style Chrome/-ium tabs (corved vs. rectangular)


I just switched to the Brave Browser with the intention to keep using it for the foreseeable future, perhaps even for all eternity (yes I plan to live that long, muahahaha!!), as a direct result of the awful Chromium/Chrome UI overhaul (of September actually, but which I managed to ‘configure away’ in the flags section, until today that is), with their new rectangular tabs that genuinely make my skin crawl.

Just on a sidenote: I had been tracking the general privacy & security philosophy of Brave with some interest, for some time, already, and was mainly positively triggered by the potential & promise of token integration… really hope that this can (help) bring (all kinds of) awesome new stuff into the world, pretty decent start, anyway, I would say! :slight_smile:

Anyway, back ontopic… so I want the classic, curved ones back! Maybe Brave can actually figure out a theme / flag management / config option (or anything along those lines) in order to actually make that possible. Would be yet another (big) win over Our Big Brother… aaand it would not only simply make me happy, it also serves to provide a better overview of open tabs (imho, anyway). Also, last but not least, it is simply better because it just looks better. Yes, aesthetics matter, as well!


If this feature is never implemented then I will never be able to use the Brave browser, unfortunately.

I still use old version of chrome version 55 with regular auto-backups of all chrome folders/files on my computer (using a 3rd-party windows software) in case of ever accidental upgrade, as well as blocking chrome from ever updating.

So, I will continue using Chrome v55 forever until I find a suitable replacement. I tried Iridium but unfortunately there seems to be a few problems with the older versions of Iridium; and the new versions of Iridium are based on the horrendous redesign of Chrome after v55 so I can’t use that.

Chrome 55 has the better old settings screen, the normal tabs not those ugly blocky garbage tabs, and other features that are mandatory for me to have.

I won’t use any chrome or chromium-based browser which has the new ugly blocky tabs, ever.

You should make a Brave browser based off chrome v55. I would definitely use it.


Further GUI changes are planned, and with the update to 0.63.48 there were already changes. :slight_smile:

This is not recommended for safety reasons. :roll_eyes: