Features Needed Before Full Switch



We look forward to the day we can perform a complete switch over to the Brave browser, but, we have been using FF for decades and there are feature sets there which we have come accustomed to which would be needed here before switching over:

  1. More user customization capability
  2. Better user bookmark organization capability
  3. Ability to have more than 1 bookmark toolbar row (is there a way we could go in to configure this?)
  4. Time and date visible in top task bar area
  5. Extensions, extensions, extensions, e.g. (from FF Quantum) - Norton ID Safe, Paste Email (Original), Closed Tabs & Windows Restorer, Screengrab, Tab Mix Plus, and Stylus for starters. We keep checking, but it’s the same extensions update after update

Been watching and waiting on Brave for some time, seeing requests made, but updates not bringing it.



Hi @TheWayOfYahweh,

I believe most of your request will be fixed with brave-core, v1.0 coming this year. This rewrite version will have more extensions support, better bookmarks managing and customization. About Brave 1.0 https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/

And cc @rossmoody for your 3rd and 4th request. Also, can you give more information about these request?




Ross from product here. Thanks for the feedback on these points. Curious of a few things:

  1. What is driving the need to double the bookmark bar space? There is additional ideas for better ways to consolidate this area or allow for surfacing bookmarks that fall outside the given real estate but I’m curious if there is a specific reason for wanting more constant real estate. This might be better served as a toggle dropdown bar or slider or nested grouping, etc…

  2. Curious of this as well. Very often an OS surfaces this information as a constant in the file menu bar at the top (osx) or bottom (windows linux). Is there something driving the need for it to be in the toolbar? (i think we surface time in the new tab page right now)




Thank you very much for your response!

  1. Actually, I completely agree with you on this one. We do love the idea of a toggle dropdown bar. In our line of business, we support many different businesses which the multi-bookmark bar is very efficient for quickly accessing their sites. The toggle or even a slider to have a 2nd/3rd row display would be very handy.

  2. Yes, agree, the OS does provide time and even date (if one wants smaller task bar icons displayed), but as an example, with the old style FoxClocks addon (prior to the Quantum update), we didn’t have to move our pointer to the top of the screen to have the task bar drop to see time/date, as well, we were able to see more than one global location time/date if needed. Another option in the addon which was very beneficial, was the ability to set a color change to the time display within a certain amount of time, kind of like a visual alarm, to warn that one was within, say, 15 minutes of an appointment, etc. It was a quick visual tool where your eyes would move for a second without having to move the cursor. We hope this makes sense.



Hi Eljuno,

Thank you very much for your reply. If your request for more information was regarding items 3 and 4, may the information provided to @rossmoody in our reply there is beneficial. If the request was for more information on something else, please let us know and we’ll do our best to provide answer.

Regarding extension support in v1.0, will it be easy for devs to simply port their extensions over from say, Firefox (pre and post Quantum, as some user miss the pre-version addons which haven’t made it to Quantum), without having to completely rewrite their extensions, to make it easier for most, if not all devs to bring their extensions over?

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@TheWayOfYahweh for extensions support, I believe it’ll be easy for extension devs to make their extensions supported with Brave 1.0. Basically it’s same like Chrome extensions I believe. And when its available, I think the team will also provide the information for extensions devs too. :grin:

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