Features / Changes I would like to see be added to Brave


I have used Brave for a couple of days now and I have to say it’s one of the coolest browsers I have tested. However I do think a lot of improvements could be made. I saw the “feedback after a month” and got inspired.

I do know a lot of these features have already been requested, but since a lot of them are locked I thought I might as well include them in one post rather than a lot of small duplicate posts. I am also aware that this isn’t the final version of Brave and a lot is to come. You will also notice that it’s a lot of minor changes that would make the life just a little easier.

Managing the bookmark folders. If I would open a folder in the bar above the tabs, right click on whichever page there would be, the list of the pages would disappear and I would be prompted, to; Open in a new window etc. Just a annoying inconvinence imo.

A toggle for flash in the site shield, or something similar to what Firefox has. I have installed flash for Brave and it is working as intended for most sites.
A web browser game, for example https://blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/ doesn’t give me a prompt when I should enable flash, right click to enable flash doesn’t work either.

Customization I know without a doubt this will be implemented later on. Being able to move the refresh button to, say the right side of the searchbar would be great. Also being able to for example being able to add a zoom button to the searchbar.

Being able to rearrange what order the tabs, searchbar and the bookmarks are shown. I have seen requests for it and I would think it would be great to have that option.

Drag and Drop With this I mean being able to drag a phrase or a sentence to a different tab / to the searchbar. Right now the only option is to, right click the highlighted phrase and, “search for xxxx”.

Smooth scrolling
I have enabled it in the settings, but I don’t think it’s enough. In my opinion it doesn’t look very smooth, it looks rather choppy.

Issue with fullscreen
Putting the browser in fullscreen mode (not windowed), 50% of the time, the top of the browser doesn’t get fully into fullscreen, the top of the browser is a little down, meaning, the bottom of the “fullscreened window” is below the screen.

I am currently using lastpass. The first time I press on the lastpass icon next to the sheild icon, a little window with black borders is shown. I am required to press the button twice for it to show properly.

When moving the browser, you can grab at the top, at the unused tab area, but you can’t grab the window at the bookmark area. I just think it’s a small inconvinience.

When writing a draft, I personally think it gets a little tedious to, for every time I open the draft and want to close it again, I have to click the “esc” button twice to get the arrow to appear on the page on the right hence side. I just think it would be good if the arrow would be present under all time.

Toggling from fullscreen to non-fullscreen on example Youtube, the animation feels really slow and choppy.
Almost like there’s 3 stages from non-fullscreen to fullscreen.
Also the notification for “fullscreen mode”, imo is really big and clonkly. I would much prefer a sleeker and smaller version. Again, take the one from Firefox for example.

Opening the browser takes a really long time for me, might be on my end.
Being the lazy person that I am, other small things like a different colored lock on the left hence side of the URL on secure websites.


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