Features/Bugs I found in the Playlist feature on Brave Nightly

Hello. The following is a list of bugs and features/improvements that need to be made to Playlist.

Feature: needs Android Auto integration
This feature would make playlist way more useful in cars with Android Auto.

Bug: no zero in video time.
This only seems to happen when the seconds are less than 10.

Bug: When I pause a video and close out of the browser, it doesn’t sync where I left off.
Instead, the video starts from the beginning again. I have the setting “Start Playback Where I Left Off” turned on.

Feature: Please allow users to download the audio only of the video (or at least have a toggle that will only play the audio of the video).

Addition: Add speed 1.25 when playing video. When listening to a playlist, 1.5 speed is too fast. 1.25 is just right, faster than normal but not too fast (like an auctioneer). lol

Feature/Bug?: I created another playlist in error, but there is no way to delete it.

4-25: another bug: When you try to play downloaded content in Playlist the day after you download it, it saids “Content has expired. Please try again in a few seconds.”

These are all the feature/bugs I can think of now. I will update this list if I come across any more bugs or if I think of more features that should be integrated into playlist. I’m looking forward to future playlist updates.

I use a Google Pixel 6 Pro if that helps.

Thank you,