Feature where earned BAT get transferred to my Uphold wallet

A described feature for Brave is rewarding the user with BAT in exchange for enduring curated ads. This feature is overdo and should be a priority. It worked for a brief while, probably as a part of development, but for some months now, this feature is removed and BAT continues to accumulate but not transfer to the verified Uphold account. My tipped creators have verified that they do not receive the BAT I have tipped to them also. Time to add this promised feature.

This feature is already implemented and working. There are some known issues that the team is working on presently. If you’d like to start a topic and include all the requested information, I would be happy to review your situation and confirm whether or not you’re encountering one of those issues or something else entirely.

Thank you.

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Working for whom? There seem to be uncountable complaints of BAT accumulating and never moving to verified Uphold accounts. Messages to Support as described are ineffective. Describe the known issues, be transparent.

While it is and has been working for many, a sizable portion of users are encountering an issue where there BAT is not being ported to Uphold:

The issue is particularly complex and involves many moving parts and is subsequently taking longer to resolve. That said, once resolved, everyone affected by this issue will receive any/all BAT owed to them.

We will continue to update everyone on the progress of this particular issue as we have more information.

This is an example of responding without being responsive. The only update that is provided to everyone is that there will be an update. What conditions can result in a sizable portion of users not having BAT ported to Uphold. An example or two, you needn’t make it a complex answer.

Is the issue uphold by any chance ?

I’m simply stating that there are many users that are encountering (likely) the same issue as you and that the team is aware of it. The issue itself is complex, which is why it is still ongoing.

If you’d like to DM me with your wallet payment ID (you can find this on your brave://rewards-internals page) I’d be happy to take a closer look at your case and see if we can confirm that you are, indeed, encountering the very same issue linked above.