Feature to block web fonts for speed, reduce data usage and privacy


On Preferences --> Shields, add an option to block web fonts and use system fonts instead.

This feature have 3 main reasons:

1 - Speed
Avoiding download web fonts will increase page load speed for users.

2 - Reduce data usage
Users do not always care to pay for bandwidth used to download mere aesthetics such as fonts.

3 - Privacy
Third-party delivery networks such as Google Web Fonts or Adobe TypeKit can have the ability of profiling your browser to track what sites you visit, building a valuable profile about you that they could sell to marketers.



Yes. I asked this exact question a few weeks ago with no response. Specifically about blocking google fonts which is used to track users. As add blocking grows, newer approaches to track users will flourish. This means new and innovative technologies will be needed to ensure privacy


I feel this is a rather important feature, especially for reason number 3