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Why is it not possible in such an expanding browser to enable a sidebar with functions like messenger, whatsapp or other user added pages? for example, each version of Opera has the same Vivaldi and several smaller ones.

Hi @skervu, Welcome to Community!
Thanks for opening this feature request - I will say this is a feature the team is currently working on


Can you also please include a bookmarks manager sidebar? The current state of bookmarks management is pretty bad on chromium.

I hope Brave will never include Facebook (and its WhatsApp), which is one of the major enemies of privacy in the world.


I recommend you Bookmar Sidebar in web store, It can beallocate in the right or left side, highly customizable, allows to edit bookmarks.

After Brave will have this geature, i will uninstall others and begin to use Brave… Please add this feature as soon as possible!

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I think a sidebar with Facebook stuff would be a nice feature - as long as it runs in a completely isolated sandbox, so that no browsing history or habits are shared. Let users use their social media if they want to :wink:

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What’s this? It’s on Nightly or Beta release? Will it be configurable tu be on the right side?

Seen here: https://brave.com/brave-crypto-dns-strategy/

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Sidebar is currently available in Nightly → https://brave.com/download-nightly/.


As of the moment, users can only choose when to see the feature.

Sidebar settings

Note: Sidebar is a work in progress, you can track team’s progress in releasing the feature in Beta/Release in the Github issue below.

Further, you can track all Github issues related to Sidebar using the appropriate Github label → https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues?q=label%3Afeature%2Fsidebar

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Thank you… they make sure to be balbe for user to select which side will be displayed, just in Vivaldi or Firefox… btw, reading list have the feature to display bookmarks, but it’s not working on Brave beacuse of nightly dev?
I wonder if it’s related to vertical tabs feature request…

No, Brave Nightly isn’t the reason Reading List isn’t working properly in Brave. I couldn’t find any Github issues related to Reading List which makes me believe developers aren’t working on the feature right now.

Opening a separate thread about Reading List would be the best, so someone could directly answer your questions. I’m not using Reading List myself, or any experimental features, so don’t take my answer as definitive.

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I just checked the side panel in Brave Nightly… It requires a lot of improvements IMHO. Cannot be placed on right side, it’d be a good move to place the chromium’s vertical tab search on that side panel… It’s goona looks like Vivaldi’s side panel…

This feature would be awesome, any update on this? :slight_smile:

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