Feature requests around syncing and home pages


Hi all,

I recently found Brave for Android in an attempt to find a Chrome like browser with ad blocking capabilities. I love it but there are a few things that would make it even better.

1.) Would it be possible to sync with Chrome’s saved user/passwords?

2.) Would it be possible to sync bookmarks with Chrome?

3.) Would it be possible to set a custom home page? I know Chrome can’t do this and for some reason, on Android browsers this simple feature is rare and unheard of. I see there is an issue logged but it was logged a while ago and still is not fixed. It would be great to set a custom home page as well as be able to choose what opening a new tab does (for example, load that home page). At a minimum, it would be nice to be able to manually set the web pages there.


Hi @Annorax :wave:

For 1 and 2, per comment here:

We are working on the sync system between Brave across all devices. You will be able to import your Chrome’s bookmarks using laptop browser and sync it on your Android browser after that.
We are implementing client side encryption so we won’t even know what your data is, and we won’t let our browser share your data with Google.

For 3: will ccing @LaurenWags


Hi @Annorax

I think this is the issue you are referring to, https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/337. Any updates will be put there, unfortunately I do not have any further information. I linked your post to the issue so that the team can see growing interest in this feature.