Feature Request to link reward with an account

Please add a feature to sync my BAT reward with e-mail because if I format my PC or Device I lost all my reward and custodial wallet are not available in every country, so if there’s a feature where all reward are linked with email so whenever I log in with my email again in new device or formatted device I didn’t lose my reward, and you can add a feature where one email ID to connect only two or three devices.
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I understand your concerns. However …

What you are asking is to store the rewards in user accounts in Brave, which means centralising user info in Brave’s servers. This is exactly the opposite of Brave concept and future plans. Brave intends to be a decentralised system.

The solution at the moment is to connect to Uphold or Gemini. That’s the only way to get your rewards out of the browser.

If you are in an unsupported country, then you are not entitle to get them. That’s what “unsupported” means.

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