Feature Request: Show Store Hours in 12 Hour Format


Would just like to request an option to show location store hours in a 12 hour format :wink:

Go to the New Tab page and click the Customize button. Go to the clock tab. Does it say it’s set for 12 Hour or 24 Hour? If it’s 24, try changing it over to 12.

You can also change the clock by double clicking it on the New Tab page.

I’m not sure what you mean by “New Tab page.” Can you please tell me how I get there? I don’t see anything in Brave Settings with that either.

– Noah

I see, you are referring to Brave Browser, which is not what I am currently using. I use Arc. However, I opened Brave Browser and set the clock hour format to “12 Hour” and that still doesn’t work. This should be a setting in Brave Search and have nothing to do with the browser itself.

Now I see what you mean. I don’t usually use the Brave search site, so I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be a setting for that.

Hey @steeven, how can I get someone from the Brave Search team to look at this? Submitting feedback doesn’t work. Posting here doesn’t seem to either. I know this is minor, but I posted this 8 days ago. More or less just talking about acknowledgement, that the team is listening. Considering user feedback from people, as well as paying supporters :man_shrugging:

Hi @HeyNoah, thanks for tagging. I’ll send this to the Search team directly.

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Awesome! I appreciate that! :pray: