Feature request: Search Operators

I would really like it if Brave search had search operators like google. For example, putting a term in quotes would mean it has to show up exactly like you typed it, otherwise the result won’t be shown at all; or you could do something like dog -cat and it would give results about dogs but not cats, the OR operator would allow results of either term and not prioritize, both, etc. I always found these really useful when I used google (especially the quotes one) but because they don’t work in brave search I sometimes find myself briefly switching back to google so I can use these and better control my search results. I’d really like this to be added to Brave search as well.


I would like to see that implemented as well. It seems like it should be a basic feature for a search engine.

Just a FYI: This has been requested and discussed in the past. You may want to click on what I said in post below. Check out screenshots too.

That said, may go ahead and tag @solso on this as well to see if he might be able to add more onto the conversation. Unfortunately Jan stopped replying to me on anything and I’ve no idea where Search stands. Last year he said that he was going to reply with info on ways to help refine searches, or which search operators were available.

I also have this feature request. I use search operators a huge amount with google, and when using Brave search, I continually find myself going back to google to be able to refine my search, since that can’t be done on Brave. (I signed up for this site solely for the purpose of making this comment. This is driving me up a wall. But I just figured out Duck Duck Go and Startpage also support search operators, so I will try one of those and give up on Brave search, unless this feature is added).