Feature Request: Reader Mode

I don’t see this request sitting around but I’d love to see a reader mode like other browsers have with a light/dark option.

My usual browser is vivaldi and the reader mode for that is pleasant but i think its also pretty standard.

Love the brave browser tho. TY for adding sync!

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I think they’re planning this for v1.0 or soon after.

I’m in the process of typing up something that will be be better and I’m sort of sure they’ll consider it because it’s pretty unique. I was wondering how would you better the standard version you find in Vivaldi, if you don’t mind?

hey sorry for the delayed response but…
i would better the standard version in Viv by giving more color options for text, background, link color, title color, etc… font choice and size.

Best thing about their reader mode is that is almost always removes the comments from the article.

Thanks for asking.

We have an awesome Reader Mode in the works. It will be the most efficient Reader Mode and will involve crawl-trained machine learning. See Brendan’s tweet here: