Feature Request: Filter: Only show active extensions

I have a lot of extensions that I only turn on when I need them, usually because they’re bulky. It would be REALLY handy to have a switch at the top that filters to only show ACTIVE extensions so I can turn off the extension that’s slowing me down. I don’t mind searching for the one I’m turning on, quite often I forget about it and leave it on, thus why finding the ‘on’ etenstion to turn off would be much faster than scrolling to find out what is slowing me down.

Something like this should be implemented upstream in chromium

Should be or has to be implemented upstream in chromium?

@phelix making a request like this and having it handled by Brave is about as likely as winning the lottery. They even have tons of requests from back in 2019 which they have labeled as working on but still made no progress.

You are significantly more likely to see something occur if you go through Chromium where they have a lot more people working on the project rather than Brave’s small dev team(s).