Feature request - Express BAT auto-contribute as % of wallet holdings

I really like getting BAT for seeing ads. I am much more responsive to the ads I choose to see. I’ve turned off BAT auto-contribute because the minimum 20 BAT threshold would wipe out the accrued earnings since I’ve opted-in to ads.

I would be more inclined to turn auto-contribute on if the threshold were expressed as a percentage of my BAT income, for example, 15%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. Ideally this threshold would be user-selected. It provides a sense that the value of my presence while using Brave can grow over time while I am still participating.

Currently, tipping lets me control that feeling of living within my means, but I have to think about how much I tip whenever I choose and that is cognitive overhead. I’d prefer to auto-contribute within my means and only be driven to tip when I feel “wow, that content is brilliant.”

I agree :100: This would allow creation of co-ops too