Feature Request: Enable/Disable Speedreader on Demand

I would like to be able to turn Speedreader on anytime I wanted. Half the time, pages I want to have Speed Reader turned on, it does not show up as an Article. So I cannot turn it on at all and then it will be available on Pages I don’t want it on. It’s a great feature that just needs some refinement.

I want to be able to control it manually and adjust the appearance and control settings like;

  1. Font
  2. Colors
  3. Dark or Light Mode or Paper Yellow Mode
  4. Turning on or Off the following page elements
    • Pictures
    • Video
    • Original Stylization (The Authors choice of Fonts, Colors, Bold, Italics, etc.)

I can see why a browser would not want to allow some of these settings. It could confuse some users or a bad UI experience. If a user thinks that the setting to turn it On is always available they may be led to assume that it can turn ANY website into a SpeedReader page. This is, obviously, not the case. Maybe putting the ability to turn it on and off at any time should be under Advanced or Developer settings. Whatever the case, I want to be able to turn it on or off myself.

I would also love the ability to have the Speedreader read the article to me using an automated voice. I know I could just copy/paste it into a Reader but having it in the browser would be nice.

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Same, I wanted to use it, toggled it in the settings, it didn’t show up on an article. Searched on how to manually enable it and got this.