FEATURE REQUEST - Dockable dev tools?


As the title explains, I was just curious as to why you guys have removed the ability to dock dev tools? I wouldve thought the base chromium source code wouldve had a dockable dev tools already built in.

Anyway currently its the only thing stopping me from using brave as my default browser as I’m a web dev and using it very regularly and its a pain in the ass having to deal with another window each time instead of it just sliding onto the current page. Also if I have several opened pages and dev tools running for each, you can imagine it would get unmanageable very quickly.


Developer tools only opening in new window
Javascript console

Hi @elude,

The team not removed the ability. It’s a limitation from electron, IIRC. And the team is working to make it dock-able. :slight_smile:

Added your comment as +1 and this request is logged here



Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.


No problem! Always happy to help.

Feel free to open new thread if have another request or face some bugs.

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