Feature Request: About Brave Features


Feature Request: About Brave Features

“About Brave Features” would list the latest new features, bug repairs, etc. in every new update.

Just as “About Brave” takes you to “chrome://settings/help” perhaps “About Brave Features” could take you to a local file or web page.

Or “About Brave Features” could be included lower on the “About Brave” page.

“About Brave Features” could be listed in the menu under or beside “About Brave” or under “More Tools”.

If something like this already exists please forgive my ignorance, and please make it more obvious and easier to find.

Also, does Brave slow down when it needs an update? Or perhaps it’s because I have the browser open for weeks at a time. This gets problematic.

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I’m in the process of adding a page and/or widget to Community that tracks information like this. You’re right - this information should surfaced and more easily viewed, which is what I aim to do with this Community feature.

Appreciate you reaching out!

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I often wonder whether updates are important or not, especially if I don’t notice a difference. Further, if it’s open source folks can watch along, maybe contribute, if it’s not open then at least folks can test the new or improved toys.


Just another afterthought.

I don’t know how much time/energy/resources you want to devote to the “About Brave Features” thing but it might be nice to:

  1. list who did what from your team - ie. credits/thanks

  2. list Brave Community folks who’s ideas they were. I don’t give a fuuuu about credit, but some might, and I do care about community and if that helps bind us in some way, maybe it’s worth it. Or maybe it’s a waste of time. Or, perhaps easier than a “list” would just be links pointing to the relevant Community discussion(s), perhaps to be further discussed.

  3. Don’t forget to thank those not-coding, ie. Sue in accounting, etc.

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