Feature of sending content between Brave browsers is far too slow (5-10mins)

Send to Blackview Phone

When I send a page to my phone fr desktop (or visa versa), the link/msg does get there, but it can take ages… 5-10 mins. Should really be immediate… 30 secs or less.

Most times when I do this, I end up using another method of getting the content to the other device, bc the Brave method just takes too long. After I’ve completed my own method, then the Brave notification comes through for my link/page.

I’m assuming these delays are bc of server processing, so when a Brave server busy, these msgs get delayed. So this feature is not working using a server processing method.

By all means bounce a page via a server, but then instead of using a push notification to send the page to the destination device, perhaps require the user to “request” the content manually from the destination device, something like “fetch sent content from Brave” menu item or similar.

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Yep. Today it took about 10 hours for a link to get to my phone. I don’t think this is usable really.