Feature for limiting amount of window tabs open

Hey guys. Swapping contexts in life is a natural part of life. But with the advent of social media and internet humans have gone from swapping contexts 10-20 times perday, to swapping contexts 100’s-1000s times per day. This is really problematic. I have noticed I have a tendency to opening tabs and never reading what I actually want to read. If I were to be able to add features of limiting amounts of tabs I could open, I think I would be much more systematic in my thinking and planning and read one article at a time.

here are a couple studies supporting the fact that limiting context change is positive and changing context to often can be bad :D. Much love.


I pray that somehow, you will get closer to the land – I mean, the soil where you may grow at least some of your own food…

Friends of mine, are dedicated to that focus – what other people think is “a chore.” But that focus, is a blessing.

My friends understand, that their traditional ways, help them to not get lost in the “context switching.”

Good luck. Bless you.