Feature demand by JJ Christ

  • switch tabs between cards and grid for dashboarding, it is easier to read charts that way
  • reorder tabs; drag and drop
  • dynamic top sites: 14 top sites
  • todo list underneath; everybody wants to rule the world
  • anti crash button failsafe: store open tabs
  • reduce memory function: remove tabs from memory, and reload the page, and store it as a thumbnail(I dont have enough memory on ubuntu and android, and it is crashing my systems)
  • ABC is UBI: attention based currency is universal basic income. Create an API for developers to make your advertising model universally implementable.
  • similarweb like extension integration; follow the people, I want to know where attention is shifting to, and where their traffic is coming from, and which websites are similar, and where their backlinks are coming from
  • brave search, tip search queries and rank them so you know which queries are important
  • brave mail
  • brave vpn
  • brave marketplace for micro transactions, like new christmass socks or beef jerky
  • dappstore, list of dapps where you can use your BAT to gain more BAT
  • zen function: disable browser temporarily to let information sink in


Demand? Or did you maybe mean request?


And I want bravemail and bravetube. I am sick and tired of watching youtube without getting beef jerky in return.