Fear the UPDATE

Unbelievably scared to upgrade browser and lose everything again, like always. lost over 16 BAT in the last update, and almost 12 in the prior to that one, just cant handle another update, cuz we get no support from tech. People like Mattches are nice guys, but its the developers that create too many bugs with our software. Im gonna hold out and wait for my BAT to arrive into my wallet before I upgrade again

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Which version are you currently on?

If yes, then you can install the 1.29.77 update since it just solved a small bug regarding Discord.

If you don’t use Discord and are feeling scared of losing BATs, just wait for them to get added to your Wallet and then you can install the update later since it wasn’t a major update.

ok now i havent updated yet, but I need to know what happened to my “pending payment” supposedly today to be dropped into my UPHOLD wallet? My wallet is verified Im looking at it rn, but I dont see the 4.606 BAT I accumulated last month added to it, and now it doesnt show those BAT on my browser. What happened?this is a ss several days ago showing how much now it shows only what I am currently browsing this month

Also 1 month ago Mattches asked that I update the browser which I did, to 1.29.77 so this issue Im having today is new. Please fix it, and send the correct BAT to my uphold wallet

@brammy82 the countdown was for the start of the payment process, I don’t know why they still haven’t changed that text, but that’s what it is, said process will take several days

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It will happen tomorrow.

For us it still shows the 1 more day, and it has already ended for you, which means you live in a way different timezone then me.

So, they start all the payments at a specific time region. So there is nothing to be worried about.

i hope you’re right, last month 16 BAT disappeared, and decided to update before I start this last months browsing. They still havent credited my account and this extra 4.6 is low, cuz i stopped using their browser. They need to get this fixed, users will leave if this continues. Im almost starting to think that theres a bug that steals everyones rewards. :frowning:

I wouldn’t trust much the amount displayed as “arriving in X days”.

Payments have not started processing yet – they should start soon. What is displayed in the Arriving in x days should be what you get when your payment is processed.

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Ok thanks Mattches, Im praying this time its different. Your help is much appreciated

also I noticed this a few mins ago, shouldnt it now say next payment for this months accumulation Oct 7th not Sept 7th?
The 1. 326 BAT is September accumulation not August. August was 4.something

Ill just wait till Thursday and see what happens, but just feel like this is the same problem as last month.

Just chill out and don’t over think about this issue.

For further info, view this status: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

It will be done in a couple of days.

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I’m going to be honest here – you should always have the most up to date version of the browser. If you are in fact experiencing an issue right now, it very well may be due to the fact that you’re not updated.

Updates don’t just add features, they improve existing ones and fix critical issues – that BAT that you are concerned about won’t matter if someone exploits an old Chromium vulnerability on your system.

It looks like your wallet is verified and Payments are still processing for verified wallets, so you should receive your BAT earned in the month of August shortly. As for why your date didn’t roll over – it’s hard to tell but I’d wager it has to do with the fact that your browser isn’t updated. I will ping @steeven to take a closer look at that aspect of your issue.

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Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

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